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 Canterbury Dressage Group

Canterbury Dressage Silver Salver (Horses)

Canterbury Area Horse Hi Points prize – Level 5 and below.

For points gained at all graded competitions run by Canterbury Dressage held at McLeans Island, to include Sl Champs if Canterbury Dressage run them.

Grading classes only. 1st to 4th placings to count provided 57% is achieved, with 7, 5, 3, and 1 points respectively.
Winner 2022: Mikayla Wildermoth

Huntaway Trophy (Advanced Horses)

Canterbury Area Advanced Horse Hi Points Prize.

Points to be gained as per Canterbury Dressage Silver Salver
Winner 2022: Holly Merritt

Falk Family Trophy (Ponies)

For the pony with the most points during the season.

Open to ponies from any NZEF area. 57% or more in grading classes, including ponies which are placed in horse classes. Shows organised by Canterbury Dressage to count.
Winner 2022: Katie Fitzsimons

Kaye Fissenden Memorial Trophy Awarded by ]ill Gould for outstanding contribution to Canterbury Dressage.
Winner 2022: Joan Adair
The Judges Bell (Judges)

Canterbury Judges Recognition Award donated by Linda Warren.

To be awarded by a panel of two consisting of Canterbury Area Judges officer and the South Island Riders Representative.

Awarded yearly at the conclusion of The South Island Dressage Championships.

In Recognition of the judge seen to be most effectively improving the quality of dressage by judging combinations using a fair, unbiased  and knowledgeable approach.
Winner 2022: Gill Usher

Susan Edwards Memorial Trophy Level 2/3 Musical
Winner 2022: Cherie Pearson
Zebadee Trophy Winter Series
Winner 2021: Cherie Pearson


September / October Days

Zip Plumbing Supplies Points Trophy Ponies 1st to 4th placings in grading classes 57% or more.
Winner 2021: Holly Hanson
Sunsfield Trophy Donated by ]ill Gould for horse with most points.
Winner 2021: Janelle Sangster Ward


Canterbury A&P Show

The Kate Cup Elementary test
The Sharon Smith Memorial Trophy Elementary test


Canterbury Dressage Championships

June Orbell Trophy  Preliminary Championship
 Winner 2021: Kirsten Anderson-Strang
Canterbury Dressage Group Trophy  Novice Championship
 Winner 2021: Lynley Stockdale
T & G A&P Association Trophy – Miss June Orbell  Elementary Championship
 Winner 2021: Julie Fraser
Silver Cup Timaru A&P Association – re-donated by June Orbell  Medium Championship
 Winner 2021: Tanya McKenzie
Highland Laddie Cup  Advanced Medium Championship
 Winner 2021: Vanessa Baxter
Te Peka Galston Memorial Trophy  Advanced Championship
 Winner 2021: Jenny Scotter
Pine Meadows Equestrian Park Trophy  Small Tour Championship
 Winner 2021: Sophie Griffith
Jill Gould Memorial Trophy  Medium Tour Championship
Winner 2021: Lorraine Ward-Smith
Four Mile Challenge / Glyn East Cup  Grand Prix Championship
 Winner 2021: Fiona Sharp
Giddens Family Cup  Pony Championship
 Winner 2021: Paige Fitzgerald
Charlie Meares Memorial Trophy  Small Tour (Class 701)
 Winner 2021: Meg Johnson
Flush Memorial Trophy  Advanced (Class 601)
 Winner 2021: Jenny Scotter
Abbotsburn Challenge Goblet  Best Turned Out Combination
 Winner 2021: Cherie Pearson
Joy Pearce Memorial Challenge Trophy

 For young riders on horses, best four percentages during the Championships.  (Canterbury area riders only)
 Winner 2021: Jorja Dann

Sophie Luddington Memorial  For young riders on horses Level 3 and above
 Winner 2021: Jorja Dann
 Ayton Printpak Trophy  Highest individual % at the Championships.
 Winner 2021: Kirsten Anderson-Strang
 Yeti Memorial Trophy  Highest individual % in musical freestyles
 Winner 2021: Lynley Stockdale
 Highstyle Dolly Trophy  Highest individual % for a Young Rider in a Pony Musical Freestyle (L3 and  above)
 Winner 2021: Gemma Lewis


South Island Dressage Championships

Buckton Tumbledown Trophy

Champion Pony
Winner 2021: Kate Stalker

Star Helmets Cup Preliminary Championship
Winner 2021: Cherie Pearson
Vetco Products Ltd Challenge Trophy Novice Championship
Winner 2021: Tanya McKenzie
NZ Friesian Sporthorse Stud Trophy Elementary Championship
Winner 2021: Mary Davis
Tantrum Memorial Trophy Medium Championship
Winner 2021: Anya Durling
Diplomat Memorial Trophy Advanced Medium Championship
Winner 2021: Nicki Ford
Bandmaster Trophy Advanced Championship
Winner 2021: Sally Field-Dodgson
Boss II Small Tour
Winner 2021: Lorraine Ward-Smith
Clearview Cabattero Medium Tour
Winner 2021: Fiona Sharp
Mary Turner Trophy Big Tour
Winner 2021: Catherine Tobin
Monique Memorial Highest % Musical
Winner 2021: Catherine Tobin
Roanoak Just Tru Memorial Cold Blood Award
Winner 2021: Millie Thompson


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Canterbury Dressage
⭐️Just a reminder entries close tomorrow (22/05) for Day 1, Sunday 5th June !⭐️Winter Training and Have A Go Day! Entries open now for Sunday 5 June. Thanks to Fiber Fresh Equine - New Zealand for being our wonderful sponsors. Enter via Evo Events ... See MoreSee Less
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Canterbury Dressage
It’s exciting to see our very own Linda Warren-Davey judging at the National Championships in SingaporeMeet the judges of this weekend's National Dressage Championships 2022 which will be taking place from 20 to 22 May at Singapore Polo Club (Official)! SPC Riding Academy#SingaporePoloClub #SPCRidingAcademy ... See MoreSee Less
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Canterbury Dressage
Dressage New Zealand 65th AGM, Conference and Committee Meeting.2022 Awards Dinner!Please message for the registration form.The time is also coming up for nominations for the SI Riders representative position! The current rep is the lovely Anna Gale who has commented she would be happy to stand for another term, should you wish to re-nominate her ☺️ For the nomination forms please message! ... See MoreSee Less
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Canterbury Dressage
Please see our fabulous committee for the upcoming season. So great to have some new faces. We still have a few roles to fill, noted beside each one, if anyone is keen to come on board please. Thank you Appointment of Committee• Chairperson - Cherie Pearson • Vice Chairperson – Sally Goldsmith • Treasurer – Sarah Hazlewood• Secretary Shannon Brien • Office Convenor – Sally Steele• Judges Officer – Linda Warren-Davey• Schedules/Programmes – Jess Nustrini Schedules, Nicki Page Programmes • Sponsorship/publicity – Naomi Murfitt and Helen Hanson• Sponsorship/publicity on Facebook - Bailey McIntosh • Event Manager – Local days – Glenda Jones • Event Manager – Major events - Glenda Jones – Sally Steele 2IC • Equestrian Entries – Local days – Lauren Haig• Equestrian Entries – Major events – Lauren Haig • Riders Liaison / Riders Rep – Sophie Griffith/Beth Condon (YR)• Health and Safety – Glenda Jones Appointment of other roles• Delegate – Sally Goldsmith• NEC Representative – Glenda Jones• Assistant to Judges officer – Karen Daniels and Eddye Davidson• Scorer/results – Ken Wilson• Draw – Holly Merritt• Judges Boards – Emma Dunne• TD – Gill Usher and Anne Moore• Stewards – Robin Savage• Meet and Greet Host for Premier Shows: Amanda and Beth Condon, Naomi Murfitt and Lynda Clark• Arenas – Measuring – Joan Adair• Arenas – Putting up – TO BE FILLED• Writers Coordinator – Kerry Blakemore• Catering – Angela Kofoed and Colleen• Website – Nicki Page and Chris Lovelady• Facebook – Jess Nustrini • Points Prizes – Sandy Houston• Trophy Register – Sandy Houston• Signatories for bank account/ownership of bank account – Cherie, Sally and Sarah• Prizegiving Coordinator – TO BE FILLED• Monthly Newsletter – Chris Lovelady• Arena Groomer – TO BE FILLED.• Arena Clean up and taking down arenas – TO BE FILLED• Meet and Greet Host for premier shows – Amanda and Beth Condon, Lynda Clark ... See MoreSee Less
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Canterbury Dressage
AGM Prize Giving and Series Results 🥇🥈🥉Falk Family Trophy - PONIES 1st Katie Fitzsimmons = 84 points2nd Paige Fitzgerald = 73 points3rd Holly Hanson = 56 points4th Gemma Lewis = 49 points Canty Silver Salver winner – HACKS 1st Mikayla Wildermoth = 55 points2nd Cherie Pearson = 50 points3rd Janelle Sangster Ward = 49 points4th Sandy Houston = 48 points Huntaway Trophy - ADVANCED 1st Holly Merritt = 37 points2nd Amelia French = 36 points3rd Jenny Scotter = 34 points4th Jorja Dann = 30 points Susan Edwards Memorial Trophy = Highest % MFS, 2 & 3 Champs and SI, Canty riders onlyCherie Pearson = Average 74.24% Judges BellGill Usher Kay Fissenden Memorial - Outstanding ContributionJoan Adair ... See MoreSee Less
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