The full list of the new committee members, there is still a few spaces to fill so get in contact if your interested.

Chairperson – Chris Lovelady
Vice Chairperson – Cherie Pearson
Treasurer – Charmaine Racke
Office Convenor – Sally Steele
Judges Officer – Karen Daniels (Robin H and Linda WD to assist)
Schedules / Programmes – Sarah Hazlewood
Sponsorship – Mel van der Pol (Major events)
Publicity – Rihannon Moss
Event manager – local days – no nominations
Event Manager – major events -Aubrey McRae
Equestrian Entries – Sarah H
Minutes Secretary – Bailey McIntosh
Riders Liaison / Riders Rep – Soo Wells / Sophie Griffith

Delegate: Chris Lovelady
NEC Representative – Andrew Bruce
Assistant to judges officer – Robin H, Anna Grant, Linda WD
Scorer / Results – main shows – Ken Wilson. Minor events – Jenny SCotter
Draw – Holly Merrit
Judges Boards – Jane Crichton
TD – Gill Usher
Stewards – Robyn Savage
Arenas – Measuring: Joan A’dair
Arenas – Putting up: Robyn Savage
Writers Coordinator – Nicki Ford
Catering: Kylie Taylor
Website – Sophie and Shannon

Volunteer co-ordinators – Debbie Hendry and Sarah Cornwall

Social media promotions – Linda Warren-Davey, Mel van der Pol, Shannon Brien, Sophie Griffith

Points Prize – Sarah Hazlewood

Trophies co-ordinator – Debbie Hendry

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